You'll find Johnson Concrete's parking blocks, bumpers, and stops in parking lots, garages, and driveways all throughout the Portland Metro area. These can be used in residential and commercial applications and some are even used to create protective barriers for street curbs or garden beds.

Parking stops are ideal for any situation where you need to create a desired parking flow or direct how space is utilized. When strategically placed, they ensure effective use of the space, particularly for parking. Blocks delineate separate parking spaces, so customers only take up the space they need for their vehicle. In the long run, concrete parking bumpers help to prevent many types of property damage:

  • Walls and building structures
  • Streetlamps and light posts
  • Shopping cart corrals
  • Other vehicles
  • Landscaping

Parking lot blocks also protect pedestrians, which is why they’re common in public places such as parks, parking lots, parking garages, and other community areas.

At JCP, we take our concrete products seriously. We want to ensure that our customers protect structures, vehicles, and pedestrians in the most effective way possible. Our parking lot blocks are manufactured with high-strength steel and reinforced concrete. Their sloped design maximizes durability and safety and protects vehicle wheels.

Quantity Length Strength Reinforcement Price Per Bumper
1-196'3000 PSISteel rebar$59
20-496'3000 PSISteel rebar$54
50-996'3000 PSISteel rebar$51
100+6'3000 PSISteel rebar$48

Our parking blocks are the standard size—6' long, 8” wide (tapered), 5” tall, and they weigh 220 lbs. They are manufactured with reinforced steel rebar and cast with 1" holes for steel anchors.

Our high-quality concrete parking bumpers can be built with two scuppers that have 12" notches to prevent water blockage for an added $10.00 dollars a piece. Their specs are 6' long, 9" wide (tapered) and 5" tall.

We provide the most durable precast concrete parking blocks/bumpers/stops in Portland, OR. Whether your project involves a parking lot, garage, driveway, or other area with high volumes of vehicle traffic, contact us today to discuss your needs.


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